It all started from my Home….

When my mother was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an Auto immune disease, this was an addition to the existing bucket of diseases she had like diabetes, blood pressure, osteoarthritis. It transformed both our lives. I experienced first-hand the challenges my mother faced to maintain high quality of life with all the constraints of her conditions and side effects of steroids and immunosuppressants. From that day my mission became to understand various chronic illnesses, find natural remedies without any harmful negative effects.

I found the answer in the very simple question, from where all these diseases come to our body, is it by birth, or do we develop them over a period of time? After exploring for some time I realized that it is due to our faulty diet. We are what we eat until and unless it is an acquired infection. Then it is clear that our wrong diet style leads to diseases over a period of time.

The solution for this is correcting it through the right diet, food, or natural food supplements.

Da Ravinto has extended its vision to improve the quality of life for everyone living with chronic conditions. We do this by blending Modernized ancient food, herbal knowledge all across the world, ancient Ayurveda wisdom with the technology of modern-day science.

We started with that kind of therapy or disease which can be managed or reversed through the basic fundamental changes in diet and adding our few well-researched food ingredients. We provide safe, researched therapies and solutions – no side effects, no habit-forming formula, and no shortcuts to health.

Da Ravinto works on a system of medicine that focuses on prevention and the use of nontoxic natural therapies to treat and reverse the disease.

Jyotsna Sharma | Founder Da Ravinto

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Da Ravinto uses diet as therapy, serves as a foundation of diet based medicine. There is an ever increasing body of knowledge that supports the use of whole foods and nutritional supplements in the maintenance of health and treatment of diseases.

We at Da Ravinto believe that plants have been used as medicine since antiquity, our team is professionally trained in herbal medicine and know both the historical use of plants and modern pharmacological mechanism. Ultimately dietary medicine may prove most useful in prevention of disease. Our team is trained to spend considerable time and effort in teaching clients the importance of adhering to health promoting life style diet, and attitude.

What is the need for natural or food medicine?

There is tremendous need for food medicine to become the dominant method in practice. As we all know, we are 1.3 billion population, and most of us can’t afford disease treatment so we have to focus on promoting health and preventing disease. This should become the dominant medical model, not only would health care cost be dramatically reduced but the health of Indians would improve drastically. Wellness oriented medicine such as naturopathic medicine, food and dietary medicine, provides a practical solution to escalating healthcare cost and poor health status. What is equally important is that this orientation can increase the satisfaction of people.

The Da Ravinto Advantage

Da Ravinto is the first Indian company who believes on natural health solutions. We develop natural health ingredients, backed by Science to enable our team to bring innovative, sustainable and effective products to the health issues we cater.


Choose the Da Ravinto Advantage


Sustainable botanical source, No Use of Pesticide, No added preservatives, GMO free, best quality Natural ingredients without compromising on the product’s integrity and potency. We take utmost care in sourcing our Ingredients and maintain the purity till the end.


It is the most crucial point while developing our products. We take care that the there is no loophole in the whole process from Sourcing to Delivery.


It is the key to success. We have been working towards a healthier product range consistently and keep on improving quality services. There is no short cut to health.


Our team is passionate about research and latest in the field of nutrition. We translate Research into Food. There is always new findings and unexplored areas of health and wellness and we take pride in keeping ourselves updated with the latest research going around the world. Our products are the perfect blend of Ancient and Modern Science based on evidence and scientific papers.


Da Ravinto believes that we have an excellent healthcare system in place but we only neglect the system or we don’t follow. Let me tell you health is every individuals own business. What does it mean, only I have to care of myself, my health is highly dependent on me only. Neither my family nor friend nor kids nor my spouce or kids can do anything in my health. It is my problem and only my body will face it. There can be many excuses to neglect your most precious thing i.e. your own health. A little will, will produce a big health. This will work like SIP. Invest in your health today!! Your body is the only place you exist !!!

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