Four Great Reasons To Add Emmer Wheat to your Diet

Ancient Emmer Wheat

Discover four good reasons why it’s a good idea to put Emmer on your shopping list and integrate this Ancient grain into your diet.

Solid pods called husks or glumes enclose each grain of Emmer and protect it from negative environmental influences. The grain is thus robust and resistant to pest infestation. This feature reduces the need for crop pesticides, which makes it ideal for organic farming.

This ancient grain evolved naturally via cross-breeding with another wild grass and still retains most of its original genetic information.

Emmer is characterized by a favorable ratio of carbohydrates to proteins. In particular, its protein content is quite high – about twice the amount compared to general wheat. Emmer, however, has less gluten than bread wheat, making it a strong option for consumers who may have difficulty digesting wheat byproducts.

Emmer has a subtly aromatic taste. Emmer grain and its byproducts – flour, meal, flakes and puffed grains – can be used to produce both savory and sweet goods.

Da Ravinto’s Emmer Atta has been specially crafted keeping in mind the health requirements of Diabetic and Pre Diabetic People. We have added extra goodness to already perfect Emmer by fortifying it with Vitamins and Minerals which are generally low in Diabetic people. Apart from that, we have taken the utmost care in bringing an authentic, unadulterated, best quality product at all levels to your plate.

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