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A 7 Day Body Reset Plan

What is 7 Day
Body Reset Food Supplement Box?

7 Day Body Reset is an all-natural, step-by-step Food Kit designed to detoxify the body naturally, safely, and quickly. It employs completely safe, natural remedies and healing foods and specific healthy tips that actively work eliminate waste, restore and reboot the body

Each box has 6 scientifically formulated products, User manual including 7 days guided meal calendar, instruction guide , Do’s and Don’ts list with tracking Booklet to mark the progress.

Sample meals, nutritious recipes, optional exercise and pranayama or deep breathing for oxygenation is explained on our website.

Detoxification depends on the balance between gut, phase I and phase II processes. And we address this at every point for you


Detox made Simple
Get your energy levels back

Most detox programs do not address the root cause of toxins and leave you drained and exhausted.


Why Detoxification is Required ?

About common toxins & its source

We all know, our body detoxifies the various toxins produced by food, even healthy food like fruits (fructose) load on the liver, continuously. Daily food like dairy, sugar, various grains, additive, processed foods, refined oils are causing some or other toxins in our body. When an overload of toxins happens and body is not able to remove it, we reach a situation where the cells start to get impacted.

Toxins contribute

  • Constant tiredness
  • Sleep issues
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Weight gain
  • Emotional eating
  • Frequent headache
  • Evening dullness
  • Increased hair fall
  • Dull and cracked skin
  • Low libido
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Various disturbances in parameters like iron deficiency, low oxygen, insulin resistance, fatty liver etc

Our 7 Day Body Reset Food Supplement Box

Benefits of the Da Ravinto approach


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    Clean GUT

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    Clean liver

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    Clean kidney

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    Clean Sleep cycle

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    Skin repair starts

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    Acne better

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    Hair fall better

Who Can use the 7 Day Body Reset Food Supplement Box?

This program is designed to help you reclaim, release and restart your body to healing naturally. It is for anyone who is looking to kick start a healthy way of living and lose weight fast. It is composed of proven and natural ingredients which have helped in detoxification at each level. It can be followed by anyone, but if you suffer from chronic health conditions, do it under the guidance of your physician and keep your dietician posted of the plan.


How long does it take to see the results?

This is a 7 day kit, results will be visible in few days only in the form of better sleep, skin, mood, energy levels. But we highly recommend following a healthy lifestyle and food patter to get long term benefits and repeat this every few months when you feel the need for it.


General Box


Duration: 7 Days

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Gluten Free


Duration: 7 Days

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Duration: 7 Days

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Morning Revital

  • Ingredients – Brassica nigra, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Piper nigrum, Murraya koenigii , Trachyspermum ammi, Coriandrum sativum , Cuminum cyminum
  • Recommended Dosage – Early Morning empty stomach, have 1 teaspoon (5gm) of the powder with 200 ml water, do not eat anything for next 30 minutes.
  • Nutritional parameter for 100gm: Calories-121 kcal, Protein-2 gm, Carbohydrates-2.5 gm, Sugar- 0 gm , Dietary Fiber- 12 gm ,Total Fat- 1.5 gm

Detox Tea

  • Ingredients : Glycyrrhiza glabra, Citrus aurantium, Hibiscus sabdariffa.
  • Product Name – Detox Tea
  • Recommended Dosage: Have 1 cup tea along with breakfast and evening snack
  • Nutritional parameters per 100gm: Total Fat- 0% , Sodium- 1%, Calcium- 4% , Iron- 4% , Cholesterol- 0%

Metabolic Booster

  • Ingredients- Phyllanthus emblica , Gymnema sylvestre, Curcuma longa, Syzgium cumini, Zingiber officinale, Piper nigrum
  • Product Name – Metabolic Booster
  • How to consume- Consume 1 teaspoon with 200 ml water 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner daily.
  • Nutritional parameters per 100 gm – energy- 353.76 kcal, Carbohydrate- 58.5 gm, Protein-1.95 gm, Fat- 12.44 gm

Digestive Support

  • Ingredients- Cuminum cyminum, Cinnamomum verum, Foeniculum vulgare, Anethum graveolens, Coriandrum sativum, Zingiber officinale, Trachyspermum ammi, Rock Salt
  • Product Name – Digestive Support
  • How to consume- Consume 1 teaspoon with 200 ml water 30 minutes after breakfast and lunch daily.
  • Nutritional parameters per 100gm: Energy-353.76 Kcal, Carbohydrate -58.5 gm, Protein – 1.95 gm, Fat -12.44 gm

Colon Cleanse

  • Ingredients- Cassia augustifolia, Plantago ovata, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica, Phyllanthus emblica, Foeniculum vulgare, Tachyspermum ammi, Rock salt.
  • Product Name – Colon Cleanse
  • How to consume- Consume 1 teaspoon with 200 ml water before bedtime.
  • Nutritional parameters per 100gm: Energy – 322.82 Kcal, Total fat – 3.33 g, Protein – 6.22 g, Carbohydrate- 67.24 g , Salt – 6.38 g

Roasted Cracked Barley

  • Ingredients- cracked barley kernel
  • Product Name – Roasted Cracked Barley
  • How to consume- Take 3 spoon of barley (45 gm) and wash it in running water. Cook it like rice with 1 part of barley and 2 parts of water, add extra water if you want more flowy (spoon inside the box for measurement)
  • Nutritional parameters per 100gm: Calories – 342 kcal, Carbohydrate 76 g, Protein – 12 gm, Fat -1.3 gm

Protein Splash

  • Ingredients- Roasted Black Cicer arietinum, blend of spices
  • Product Name – Protein Splash
  • How to consume- Instant drink – Mix 3 tablespoon of powder (45 gm) in 1 glass of water. Add lemon & fresh coriander for extra taste. (spoon inside the box for measurement)
  • Nutritional parameters per 100gm: Calories – 408 kcal, Carbohydrate-65.2 g, Protein – 20.6 gm, Fat -7.2 gm

Keto Seed Mix

  • Ingredients- sesame seeds, flax seeds
  • Product Name – Keto Seed Mix
  • How to consume- Take 1 and 1/2 spoon of Seed mix (15 gm) in the day divided as per your choice (big spoon inside the box for measurement)
  • Nutritional parameters per 100gm: Energy- 552 kcal ,Protein- 18.5 gm, Carbohydrates- 26.7 gm, Fat- 46.18gm, Fibre -20 gm



How much weight can I expect to lose in 7 days?

Losing Weight is dependent on lot of factors combined together, along with lifestyle modifications. This box can help you lose a healthy weight of 2-3kg in a week depending on how religiously you follow the guidelines and diet suggested with in the box. It has all natural ingredients and can be a great detoxifier for your body.

Is it safe to consume, does it have any side effects?

We use plant based premium natural active ingredients which are safe on the body. Being 100% natural and preservative free, hormone and chemical free, it is safe for consumption. Our product is a combination of ingredients which are natural and hence shouldn't have any side effects, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are on any other medication, please consult your doctor.

How is it different from other detox products in market?

Our box is based on Science. The gut takes 7 days to repair and renew, phase I and II of liver takes time. We take care that all phases are supported in the optimum way to give you maximum benefit of cleaning and regenerating. 1 day or 1 product can never give such support. We don’t starve you or put you on liquid diets and our products are made of premium plant formulas which are unique and based on pure science, we take utmost care in getting the best active ingredients and this shows in our results. Compare our natural food supplements with chemically loaded formulas or medicines and be your own judge.

Can I consume these products with my regular medication?

Yes! You can consume our products with your regular medication just keep a gap of at least 30-40 minutes between both. We would be happy to help you with more information, you can write to

How often can I use this 7 Day Body Reset ?

Generally our bodies naturally detoxify themselves, aided by organs such as skin, liver, kidneys, and colon (large intestine). We unknowingly compromise this natural detoxification process when toxins enter our bodies by ingestions of food, beverages and air. You can repeat this every 4-6 months and without any side effects.

How can I benefit with this Reset Box?

There are many benefits which includes weight loss, improved memory, better mood, better energy levels, better digestive system, better sleep quality, low-stress levels, better libido, removal of toxins and restoration of overall body.