Diabetes Reversal

You have taken the first step in freeing yourself from the life threating disease known as Diabetes.

As a diabetic, you probably have a plan to keep on top of our condition with glucose monitoring, HbA1c measurements, regular physician visits and medicine adjustment. These standard and accepted practices to maintain control of your blood glucose are seen as essential to your health. Unfortunately, this is all wrong! Your life and these treatments are focused on controlling your blood sugar instead of learning how to get yourself rid of diabetes. Even with adequate glucose control, if you remain diabetic, the illness will age you prematurely. When you focus only on the blood sugar numbers instead of removing the root cause of diabetes, it could actually worsen your diabetes in the long run. Diabetes is a systemic problem that involves the whole body. It can not be simply defined as impaired glucose control, it is just a part of many facets of diabetes like hormonal imbalance.

Diabetes is world wide epidemic, one of the world’s oldest disease, is a silent Bombshell. Whereas all other disease from tuberculosis to influenza, to polio to small pox to AIDS, have been controlled over time, the diseases associated with diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate.

The question still remains: Why we are all powerless to prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes? Why are we powerless to stop the amputation, kidney disease, heart attack, strokes and blindness that accompany it? Why are we powerless to stop the spread among our children? Why we are powerless to stop it from spreading further even after more than 3000 of years after its discovery? Our Ancient Treatise, Vedas, mention it more than 4,500 years ago. Sushruta, an Indian physician during the sixth century AD mentions about ‘Madhumeha’. Then the big Question is – Why there is no Cure? ? Why there is no Solution?

Diabetes and Corona Virus

The answer to all these questions is that we have basic error in understanding the disease called Type 2 diabetes. We need to redefine the disease to get the cure. We must understand the root cause of the disease and address that. Once we understand that, we have to being fresh. Let’s begin.

Da Ravinto’s new science based approach is radically different from other various methods and is proven to work. We will show how your body can heal itself when you give it the necessary tools. This new approach is based on a scientific formula that determines life span and health.

Our Research Team has proven that many people with diabetes can think beyond delaying inevitable decline and improve their health dramatically. They can cut their blood sugar, increase insulan sensitivity and reduce or eliminate medication, and they can do this with simple set of diet changes and with the help of our very simple food supplements.

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What Da Ravinto’s and your own efforts make possible for you

If you are prediabetes, you can avoid getting overt disease.

If you have mild to moderate diabetes, you can reduce the burden of disease and even be cured.

If you are already on injection, you will likely not be cured but you may be able to reduce your units or even stop taking it altogether, but under your doctor’s guidance.

Da Ravinto answers your most pressing questions and provide the prescriptive advice you have been waiting for. With this all – natural and scientifically proven plan, you can finally live a life free of diabetes. Da Ravinto’s new approach is designed for people who wants to take aggressive action in their battle to lose a dramatic amount of weight and reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, you can seize control of your health. It is in your hands. Together, we can start right now.



    • Diabetes is food created disorder and the right food choice can rid you of this life shortening disease and its associated medical complications.


    • INSULAN’s ability to work is blocked by the accumulation of fat within cells. Change in diet could actually alter the fat build up with the cells and reverse the trend towards gradually worsening hormonal imbalance.


    • We are not the victim of poor genetics. Genes do play a role, but these effects are very much a matter of diet, too. And it can change dramatically.


    • You cannot use drugs to treat a dietary disease as diabetes is a dietary disease.


    • Diabetes is reversible – it is emerging concept and people have started getting benefits from this, it is no longer considered a progressive chronic disease.


We fight AIDS, malaria, TB and all across the world. But when it comes to diabetes and its complications, it causes more deaths than all those infectious diseases combined.




Monica, aged 31 years, had no symptoms of diabetes. She came across her high blood sugar during a random blood test, which was done when she switched her job from one organisation to another and had to submit her health report.
She has a family history of parents with diabetes, and had gestational diabetes at the age of 27 years. Even though having a sitting job, she was experiencing fatigue and extremely tired (in diabetes it is termed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Otherwise, she had perfect health in terms of more or less good health. Her banking job and hectic schedule, small kid at home, didn’t give her time to exercise.
She had unnoticed changes which came slowly. Weight increased and she didn’t take her health or diet very seriously. From childhood she had sweets and laddoos and her mother had a way of showing love in the form of cooking delicious sugary sweets and snacks like samosas and kachories. Every achievement was rewarded with sweets and fried food. So from early on, she had wrong exposure when it came to food choices. No exercise added to her problems.
Her doctor started on medicine, then when it didn’t work well, she added another medicine but still blood sugar was going high. Once she got connected with our plan, she tried to control her diet. She had never done that before and it was a new experience altogether. She always ate whatever she wanted. Her husband was happy with the change because he is a fitness freak and he was excited that Monica was ready for a change, too.
Payoff came in form of 27 kg weight loss over a year’s time. Her HbA1c which had been 7.3 % , at the beginning of the plan, it fell to 6.5% in just 3 months. 12 months during the plan, she dropped down to 5.2 % . Her doctor was thrilled and stopped her medicines but she was suggested to keep on doing self-monitoring of blood sugar.
There was more, another benefit she had not anticipated. For couple of years, she had arthritis pain and so severe that she could not open a jar. After few months of diet, she suddenly realised that her arthritis symptoms were completely gone.
Her whole family was happy with the changes and now she is able to run after her kid also, and has changed her food habits for good.


Kalyan, aged 42 years, a bit on the obese on the middle having apple shaped body, living in Ahmedabad, came across our website while browsing for low Glycaemic Flour. He has been diabetic since last 8 years. His father was having heart disease and diabetes and died at an early age. Kalyan didn’t want the same fate for him and wanted to fight back.
When he came to us, his HbA1c was unhealthy high of 8.3%. He had followed diet for diabetics and had been taking medicines regularly but still his blood sugar was gradually worsening, his medicines started with one diabetes medicine, then after some time second was added. Still his blood glucose levels continued to rise. This lead to weight issues and diabetic complication like sexual performance difficulty. Impotence affects many men with diabetes and its common in men who are overweight.
Kalyan has always been a foodie and in our plan, he liked the focus on food rather than on drugs. He understood that calorie count and restricted diet was not the right approach, otherwise things would have been much better. Seeing the explosion of diabetes in India, he felt that problem was related to kinds of food we eat and solution also had to be there, too.
We showed him – how to change his diet, no limit on right food, major change being in the type of food he had to consume.
Result started to show in couple of weeks only. First, it was easy to implement, since there was no major change in routine, no exercise, almost same style of day to day things he had been doing since long, it fitted perfectly well in his busy life style. Weight loss came gradually , in 11 weeks he lost 6.3 kgs. His HbA1C dropped from 8.3 to 6.9% in 3 months. His hormonal sensitivity returned.
Kalyan continued the same pattern of eating, and his Blood sugar kept on falling, he was monitoring his sugar levels. Slowly his medications were too strong for him, his doctor had to reduce his medicines from two to one. The payoff is just incredible. After several months, to his doctor’s surprise, they had to stop his medications completely. After a year of starting on the plan, he was 18 kgs lighter, no diabetic medicines, and his HbA1c was better than when he started, at 6.2%
His mother was happy since there were early deaths in the family. One more surprise came in the form of sexual performance virtually disappeared within 3 months.
Best part of this – his experience is not unusual for people who make diet changes and stick to it.



With commitment and seriousness from your side in implementing the changes, the results can be mesmerizing.

Now that you understand the causes of diabetes, and the extent of this problem, the next step is , creating a solution – For our selves , our families, our communities, and our society.

Da Ravinto’s approach is based on entirely different approach – a different approach- that connects the dots among all your symptoms and health problems. By applying this science, we can correct imbalances in the body and create health.

Eat better and exercise more. This is what we are told by doctors, nutritionist and various agencies. How has that advice worked for you so far?

Scientifically, if type 2 diabetes is well managed with exercise and our nutrition, there will be many outcomes to show that this is working well :

  1. No highs or lows in blood sugar.
  2. Reduction of medications by an average of 50 % in the first month, and most typically 100% within one year.
  3. Need for injection is eliminated, usually within the first month.
  4. Normal, lean and stable body weight.
  5. Normal life span, without dependency or complications.
  6. Reversal of diabetes and prevention of diabetes- related complications.Join Now


  • Do you experience fatigue and lack of energy?
  • Has your doctor told that your blood sugar is little high or high?
  • Are you constantly hungry?
  • Do you crave sugar and refined carbohydrates?
  • Have you been dieting without lasting results?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Do you have tingling in feet or burning sensation?
  • Do you experience constant thirst?
  • Do you have a family history of Diabetes, heart disease or obesity?
  • Did you have gestational diabetes?
  • Do you have frequent urination?
  • Are you tired of living with diabetes?

If you answer Yes to any two of these questions, you have come to the right place!
Many doctors tell their patients, how to manage above symptoms or how to manage diabetes.

But why manage it when you can simply get rid of it once and for all.

Curious to know How? Can’t believe it’s that easy?
If you’ve tried everything to manage diabetes and nothing worked, this is a game-changer.

Start your journey to healing Now.

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Duration – 3 months

Rs. 2999/-

    This program is targeted at diabetics and those at risk of becoming diabetic based on genes and current lifestyle habits. Our new approach addresses diabetes, but it also helps with other ailments including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and weight. Not all bodies are wired the same. Many are predisposed to diabetes through genetics like us Indians. We will make you understand hands on that it is possible to repair hormonal function and reverse Type 2 diabetes through nutrition and our well-crafted products.

    Let’s Defeat Diabetes Together

    • Doctor Consultation – Our doctor will analyze your health profile at the beginning and end of the programme, total 2 consultations by the doctor during 3 months.
    • Diabetic Educator – Guidance at the beginning and end, total 2 consultations by International Diabetes Federation certified Diabetic Educator.
    • Nutrition Consultation – Nutritionist will analysis your current diet, family life style, working environment, health conditions, sleep and stress pattern at regular intervals.
    • We will understand your blood sugar response to various diet changes, exercise and sleep with the help of questionnaire.
    • Personalized meal plan based on your like/dislike correlation with other disease by an expert panel of specialized doctors and nutritionist will be shared with you.
    • General Guidance on physical exercise, sleep, food and stress management document.
    • Suggestion on various supplement required for you based on your health profile by our team.
    • Monitoring and suggesting corrections through email, whatsapp during the 3 month duration.

    During the programme, your blood profile will be monitored by expert panel of doctors, consultation with qualified diabetic educator and nutritionist are all included in the programme, which will help you in understanding your health and take control in your own hands for life. After the programme you will be healthier, knowledgeable and better equipped to handle risk associated with the disease and management of Diabetes Type 2 in best possible ways.

        • No highs or lows in blood sugar.
        • Reduction of medications by an average of 50 % in the first month, and most typically 100% within one year.
        • Need for injection is eliminated, usually within the first few months.
        • Normal, lean and stable body weight.
        • Normal life span, without dependency or complications.
        • Reversal of diabetes and prevention of diabetes- related complications.

    1. How do I join the programme?

    As soon as you register with us, you will get a call within 24 hours and after payment, we will start with your analysis.

    2. When is the right time to join?

    Whenever you have some time to talk and understand and decide to start making changes for your health, call us.

    3. What if I need help or support?

    We are always an email away.

    4. Are the doctors qualified?

    We have a team of well qualified Medical Doctors.

    5. What do you mean by Diabetic Educator?

    6. Will I need to change my medicines?

    Yes, there could be modifications and reduction in the medicines as you progress in the programme. But do not change or leave your medicines without consulting your physician, if you are under guidance of any personal physician, else our doctor will recommend as and when required.

    7. Will there be face by face to consultation?

    All our services are delivered remotely by phone, email, WhatsApp, messaging and video consultations.

    8. Is my data protected?

    Your medical records, including personal information such as name, address, and the content of any communication with our team will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold to third parties, nor distributed. Please read more about how we keep your data secure in our Privacy Policy.

    9. How do I cancel?

    We do not have any cancellation policy due to short duration of the programme.

    10. Will I be able to Reverse my Diabetes?

    Within a short duration of 3 months, reversal is not possible. Diabetes came to you during long years of wrong food choices and life style. But we will guide you in the right direction so that you can easily work on reversing your disease and reducing complications associated with diabetes in few months.

    You are requested to get your HbA1C, Fasting, post meal, C-peptide, and other blood test reports with you so that we can start immediately. Call us or email for details of blood profile requirement.

    So if you are ready to dive in and join us on this journey of health and healing, please register now.

    It’s time to Start working on Your Health
    Reduce your Complications and Improve your blood parameters

    Simple and easy to implement in daily diet
    If you have tried out everything and nothing works for you, this is a game changer
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