Diabetic Patients on Alert during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Kuldeep Kaur Chhabra –

The title of the topic may create anxiety but in reality it is the preparedness of a diabetic person for combating the pandemic which is a must for all to  follow.

This is a scientifically proven fact that the patient with diabetes are prone to the diseases which attack human immune system and weakens it. Moreover, high blood sugar level is the invite for any virus even COVID-19.

Let us have a glimpse of how diabetes weakens our immune system. Number of studies tell that high blood sugar levels suppress the immune system, lowering the functions of antibodies resulting in slower rate of responding to the infection, thus recovery becomes comparatively slow for a diabetic person.

If we dive deeper into the working of our immune system, we will come to know that it comprises of innate immunity and adaptive immunity. These terms might confuse us but relax, it is not as complicated as it looks. Just imagine a fight where we have frontline soldiers on their heels to stop intruders, similarly innate immunity is our first line of defence which gets activated when it encounters pathogens. It is the inherited immunity with no specific defence mechanism. The adaptive immunity is a step ahead than innate immunity as it is able to give more efficient response due to immunological memory created by the system due to vaccination and exposure to pathogens in the past.

But in today’s new normal situation one has to adopt certain ways to keep immunity strong especially the diabetic patients. By following simple tips, one can prepare themselves to fight corona virus. There is nothing to fear but obviously to be careful.

We can follow these general suggestions :-

  • Check your eating habits

Most of the imbalance in the body is due to unmindful eating. If one is determined to follow healthy diet, nothing can stop him. So, pull up your socks and eat healthy. Include citrus fruits, yoghurt, ginger, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower, hibiscus, tulsi, cinnamon, cloves, herbal tea, Ayurveda potions etc. Homemade brews using tulsi, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom are beneficial in strengthening our immune system. If you don’t want to go in the hassle of preparing the mix, try our Immunity Booster Herbal Tea  today.

  • Manage your blood sugar levels

Managing your blood sugar level is a blessing in disguise. This will not only keep you away from complications of diabetes but will also help in combating any infections, reducing recovery time, and help overall. Eat low glycemic index food, high protein, immunity boosting food, manage your weight and reduce all kinds of processed and preservative food. Keep a stock of your medicines, track your sugar levels, work on reversing diabetes for eliminating all risk factors. Try our diabetes management program today.

  • Be fit – Exercise daily

Healthy body is a passport to better survival. Yoga, meditation, physical activities etc. play a vital role in keeping our body fit and healthy. Proper health regime with  right food works magic. Contact us to know more.

  • Say no to stress

Stress, like diabetes is a silent killer. It leads to anxiety which in turn increases a person’s blood sugar levels. Research also says that high level of stress is linked with increases risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So, say goodbye to stress today. There are ways to manage your stress levels, the right kind of food and nutrients will help in releasing those hormones in body which will keep your stress hormones in check. Write to us at info@daravinto.com to know more.

These are difficult times of Corona Virus, especially for people with multiple health issues. Diabetes makes any infection difficult to heal and fight with, take your health as your first priority.  Start working on it today. Let us help you to come out of these pandemic days. CONTACT US TODAY.

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