1. How does the online program work

We do scientific analysis based on biomarkers through a team of trained dieticians and nutritionist. The derived diet is specific to individual and if there is any chronic disease involved then final diet plan goes through the panel of doctors. The approved plan is then given to you through email, explained over phone and for any doubts we are available by email, whatsapp or phone ( by prior appointment ).

2. How will I receive my diet plan

You will receive your diet plan through email, which will be explained to you in detail over a call or whatsapp.

3. What if my mother for whom I have taken the plan, does not understand English

In case people have difficulty understanding or following in English, we are in the process of making our site regional language specific. Till then our dieticians will try to explain it to you over the call in Hindi/ Gujarati for now.

4. How much weight loss can you guarantee

Kindly do not compare your weight to others because every individual has different body type and results will show as per how much you have followed and how serious you are towards your goals. On an average 500 gm per week is the healthy ideal weight loss anyone should target for long run. Crash diets and sudden weight loss will lead you to ocean of other problems.

5. Are the diet plans easy to follow and kids friendly

Our diet plans are based on your families eating habits, geographical location and the food that you have been eating from ages. They are elderly, kids, grown up friendly.

6. Do you have any trial plans

We as experts in the field of nutrition do not believe in crash diets. Any changes in diet plans will need at least 3 – 4 weeks to start showing results. Those who are serious about their health and want to take control of their wellbeing would definitely understand this and agree with us.

7. Do you provide any supplements, food products

Yes, as per specific need, we do give best quality food products and supplements and herbs only if required for disease management

8. Disease Management through diet

We plan your diet based on scientific research and proven data when it comes to managing diseases. Our experts then cross check and verify it with panel of doctors. So rest assured you are in right hands when it comes to managing your diseases through diet, i.e. what we specialize in and that is our moto – Diet style disease management. We believe that all non- communicable diseases can be managed and prevented by proper diet guidance in the presence of specialists.

9. How can I register and pay for the service

Once you select the desired service, you can fill online registration form or get in touch with us via email, phone, or whatsapp.
We will guide you how to pay in our account by cash or cheque or send you a link for online payment.