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Best Before – 3 months from date of manufacturing

  • Complex carbohydrates – Helps prevent blood glucose fluctuation and therefore, eliminates resulting weakness
  • Fiber – Induces the feeling of fullness and helps with management of weight
  • Antioxidants – Fight against free radical activity and helps boost immunity
  • Protein – High protein compared to other wheat variety, supports muscle health, wound healing and improves overall health
  • Low Gluten – Low gluten is good for people who have difficulty digesting wheat byproducts.
  • Prebiotics – Natural goodness of prebiotics present in whole grain

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Although India has very large wheat biodiversity where all the three major wheat species namely, Triticum Aestivum (Bread Wheat), T. Durum (Marconi or Kathia wheat) and T. Dicoccum (Emmer or Khapli) are grown commercially, more than 95% production is of Bread Wheat. Today Emmer wheat forms only 1% of all wheat varieties grown in India. One of the oldest crop in the world, Emmer wheat (T Dicoccum) is nature’s gift for pre diabetic and diabetic patients. While its grain is used for preparing traditional or specialty foods only, we take pride in bringing the best of this rare grain straight from the nature to you.

It has less Gluten and more nutrition than common bread wheat. It’s naturally Low Glycemic Index leads to high satiety making it particularly suitable for diabetic diet. It is naturally rich in carotenoids mainly lutein and zeaxanthin, making it good for Eye health. It is also rich in resistant starch, minerals, fibre, carotenoids, antioxidants and poor in fats which makes it a healthy and recommended cereal in diet for people suffering from allergies, colitis and high blood cholesterol and eye health.

In most of the houses in India, grain is usually used in the form of flour. Flour made from Emmer has a lovely, nutty wheat flavor. Being good source of protein, fiber and other micronutrients, it’s a very healthy grain.

We have made our flour healthier by fortifying it with Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Iron, Folic acid, Thiamine B1, Zinc, Niacin B3, Pyridoxine B6

So replacing your Roti, daliya, suji, pasta, laddoo, sheera, breads, pan cakes, upma, dosa, kanji, muffins, biscuits and other items with Emmer wheat is a healthy and right choice.

Emmer Atta can be used in place of your common “whole wheat” flour for almost all recipes

Ancient Emmer Atta, when included in your breakfast, lunch or dinner as a staple meal, helps to keep blood glucose, cholesterol and weight under control.

Weight 3000 g

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