K.V. SIVAIAH - 44 Years

I was diagnosed with pre diabetes six months ago and wanted to postpone my medicines. The support from Da Ravinto was a great blessing for me, with their guidance I have managed to control my sugar levels by modifications in diet and life style. I intent to enjoy being healthy and positive for the rest of my life.

Lavina Golani - 42 Years

I joined Da Ravinto’s Diabetes Care plan 4 months back. My sugar levels were high and doctor advised me to lose weight for knee and back pain. Due to pain I was not able to walk or do exercise, but they helped in understanding that food change is more important to get results than workout for weight loss. I have lost around 12 kgs and my diabetes is also under control. I had to lower my insulin dosage with informed decision of my doctor, and even he is happy with the results. Their Emmer flour is something I can’t do without now. The herbal tea is so tasty that almost my whole family has shifted to it. I would recommend Da Ravinto to all my friends and family.

Hemal Dhanak - Rajkot

After researching on various Weight loss plans available in market, I opted for Da Ravinto and have been hooked ever since to some of their Tea. They did detailed analysis of blood profile, worked out customized diet plan as per my body needs and spent time on making me understand the need for the change. I guess that’s the best part which makes them different from others, because they answered all the Whys, which I asked and which I was supposed to know. I lost 15 kgs in almost 3 months which I am able to maintain even after a year. Thanks to their constant support and encouragement, am happy that I selected them.

Purnima Sharma - Lucknow - Age 39 years

My name is Purnima and I am currently on a 3-month retainer. I have had diabetes from last 3 years and tried many diet plans. After coming across Da Ravinto last month, am feeling much better. I am writing to tell you how helpful you are! Your team is knowledgeable, kind and considerate. Your prompt replies to emails and clarifying doubts in professional and friendly manner helps in clearing what to eat and what not in case I am stuck, like during lockdown due to hardly any options. Knowing that I can reach out whenever I need to has propelled me to want to take the next step in taking up your plan for my mother.This is so worth the money!

Priya Goel - Indore - Age 45 years

I tried the body reset plan and got very good results. Woudl
highly recommend Da Ravinto to all my friends

Sanjay Gupta - Mathura - Age 38 years

During Lockdown due to faulty and overeating my HbA1c got high
and I turned into PreDiabetic, with the guidance of Da Ravinto, I have been able to reverse the condition and now I am more fit and energetic than ever. I am very happy with their product quality and results

Nandini Mishra - Aligarh - Age 68 years

I have been on multiple medicines since ages, taking nautral supplements like Obesvelete, Superpowder and Sattu, I feel much better and am doing good on many fronts. At this age it is difficult to workout, with the help of better diet choices and guidance, I am feeling good
Started Diabetic Plan for my husband too and we are satisfied

Janki Joshi - Pune - Age 29 years

PCOS tea and Seeds have helped me a lot in overcoming the symptoms of PCOS
I have been using their products since last 3 months and am very happy with the results. I have lost weight, my acne has improived and overall skin is better. Highly recommend it to all

Ragu Singh - Mumbai - Age 47 years

The products are good, easy to implement and now they are available on
amazon too, so makes it easy to add with my routine purchase. I am feeling good using their Sattu, Nindra and Relief. Have even got for my other family ppl. Love you guys …keep rocking