7 Day Body Reset

A Body Reset You Can Complete In Just 7 Days

Significance of Detoxification


Detoxification is probably the oldest medical modality known to man. All Indigenous Medical Traditions begin their healing processes with detoxification, cleansing, or purification. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that health is based on keeping the body elements in ‘balance’ and that certain kinds of diet, lifestyle, treatments, and external factors can influence this balance. Maintaining the balance of the Life Force is essential for good health.

In ancient times we used to do detox in some or the other way, on every season change, on every festive occasion, on childbirth or someone’s death. Certain things were eliminated or totally banned for some period of time. Our ancestors were smart enough to attach health to religion in the form of fasting, not eating some food groups on particular days, for example, a single day of fruit diet in a week will not let you fall prey to high blood pressure, controlling your salt intake. So we have known the significance of detox from ancient times. Every country has its own history of this in their culture.

Detoxifying is meant to aid the body in ridding the build-up of harmful toxins picked up daily through air and water, then promoting a quick recovery of a long list of ailments, such as fatigue, weight gain, and poor complexion.

Find out if it’s for you?

  • If you are struggling with energy levels
  • If you have frequent Headaches
  • If you are not able to lose weight
  • If you have issues in sleeping
  • If you have difficulty in remembering things
  • If you have digestion issues or bloating
  • If you are irritated or very moody
  • If you have lower libido

The 7 Day Body Reset will help you with all the above issues and help you get back in the form.

We will guide you for a restoration phase, which you should follow after the 7 days also.

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Benfits of Our 7 Day Reset

  • Get Glowing skin
  • Lose Weight
  • Better mood
  • Get Back your energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • No bloating and light feeling
  • Relief in headache

How we are different?


You will not have to just drink liquid
No fasting or fad diets
No frequent run to the bathroom
No skipping of any meal
Scientifically designed evidence-based ingredients
No loss in energy levels
Help in healthy detoxification without any side effects
Knowledge about herbs used
All-natural, no added preservatives, no heavy metals
Recipe meal planner can be over and over again
A self-taught tracking system will help in monitoring progress and make it habit


We teach healthy lifestyle changes and take you to the right food, which can be turned into a habit

Not Motivated to Start Detoxing?

We feel you!

It’s always hard at the beginning, but if you can step out of your comfort zone and start with our box, you will not look back, it really isn’t as hard as you think! It’s all-natural and there are no crazy changes to your routine!

Grab our Detox Box and be a new you in just 7 Days!



This program is designed to help you reclaim, release, and restart your body!


Note: Results may vary from person to person. Some lose 2kgs while others lose 5+kgs in a week, depending on the plan followed.

How the Program works

No Clinical Visit

Practical Tips and Recipes

Doorstep Service

Comfort @ Home

Duration: 7 Days

Cost: 3000/– 2499/-

Inside the 7 Day Body Reset Box

7 days of products including

  • Early morning Rise & Shine powder
  • Before breakfast Recharge Infusion
  • Breakfast – Instant protein Sattu mix
  • Before lunch – Green Moringa Blend
  • After lunch – Obesvelte powder
  • Evening Recharge infusion + Basil Seeds
  • After dinner – Obesvelte powder
  • Before bed – Relief Powder

7 days of Meal Calendar along with How to Consume instruction

Wellness Guide and Do’s and Don’ts

Tracking Booklet to mark the progress

Weighing machine and measuring tape are your efforts – rest all we are giving in the Box

7 Day Body Reset